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 Rob Overton 
My name is Rob Overton, and  I have a passion to see churches become all that God has called them to be.  I have over 25 years of management and leadership experience in both the corporate and church environments.  It has been my privilege to experience many different approaches to ministry which has given me a unique perspective on the dynamics of church management.  I began working with churches a because I saw many that were struggling needlessly and I had a sense that God had prepared me to help them accomplish their mission.

There are great models these days on how we should "do church".  Now, I like church models, but they don't produce good outcomes on their own.  I have spent thousands of hours in hundreds of churches of virtually every evangelical Christian denomination and I have found that each church has it's own unique character.  I have been able to help churches with their strategic and tactical planning utilizing the latest technology to make tangible improvements in their ministries.  It is great to get to work with church leaders and get to that "ah-ha" moment when it all fits together.

Strategic planning involves a critical look at the ministry processes that are in place and the clarification of the overall vision and mission of the church.  Quite simply, the sum of the processes do not necessarily lead to missional success.  I work with churches of all sizes and situations and help them devise a practical plan to get all of the various pieces of the puzzle arranged in the best possible order.

Technology enters the equation after the objectives are clearly established.  My philosophy is that plans are best made when there is a good understanding of what is possible using technology.  Simply put, the plan supports the Vision/Mission while the technology supports the plan. Technology is merely a tool and must be used in the proper manner, in the right situation, and at the right time.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss your church's situation.


Rob Overton

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